About Aurifil Thread

About Aurifil Thread
Welcome to the world of Aurifil thread!

Aurifil threads began production as a family business in 1983 in Milan, Italy. The company began production to support the machine embroidery industry. It wasn’t long before quilters quickly realized this 100% Mako Eqyptian thread was perfect for piecing fabrics as well as quilting. As you prepare to begin your quilting projects, it is important to purchase the best quality cotton fabrics you can afford, like those found at well-respected fabric and quilt supply stores. If you plan on investing the time and money into making a project that will be enjoyed and cherished for years to come, you want the materials to be of the best quality. It really does make a difference.

When you are sewing using the beautiful cotton fabrics that are readily available today, the investment in a top quality thread is truly insignificant in comparison. For quilts, I highly recommend using a 100% cotton thread because then the thread is not stronger than the fibers contained in your fabrics. If the synthetic fibers (polyester, rayon) are stronger than the fabric fibers, they can, over time, cut through the fibers of the cloth. Cotton will not cut cutton and will protect your heirloom work for years to come.

I use Aurifil thread almost exclusively. It is made from Mako – the longest and finest Eqyptian cotton fiber. Aurifil thread is almost completely lint free – which you and your machine will love. The mercerization process as the thread is in its last production stages adds additional strength to the thread, removes any fuzz and adds a beautiful satin sheen to its surface.

Using Aurifil, you will also have the comfort of knowing that you are ensuring your machine lives a long life without issues from the thread. It does not cut grooves or channels into the thread path as synthetic threads can do and since it is virtually lint free, the only lint build up you will experience will be from the fabrics themselves. Synthetic threads can also bend or damage machine parts before they break, while a good quality cotton thread will break before any damage can occur. At the completion of your project, cleaning your machine for the next project will be a much easier task due to much less lint build up.

Aurifil threads are available in 252 colors. As an art quilter, I have had so much joy in finding the exact color thread with which to add highlights, texture and applique stitching. My quilts literally spring to life as the thread detail is added to the designs.

Aurifil Thread is available in 4 different weights. The larger the weight of the thread, the thinner the tread. The smaller the weight number, the heavier (thicker) the thread. The most popular thread weight is 50-weight, followed by 40-weight. Each weight is also offered in small and large spools as well as a cone and a REALLY LARGE cone.

The most popular size purchased is 1300 meters in length, which is 1422 yards. At first glance, you may assume that Aurifil thread is expensive – but this is a true misconception. These spools contain MUCH more yardage than their inexpensive, lesser quality counterparts. Although the upfront investment is more since you are buying much more thread, yard for yard, Aurifil is often CHEAPER than its lower quality competitors. How can you beat that??? And you get the added benefit of knowing you can begin a project and sew and sew and sew and not run out of thread.

Now, here is the treat that I REALLY love. Do you hate those dangling threads once you have begun using a spool? When you open your thread, give the base (with the color number on it) a slight twist and pull it from the core spool. The end of the thread has been tucked underneath this base. Just pop the base back on and you are ready to sew. When you are finished, simply twist the base off, wrap the end of the tread a few times around the end of the core spool, pop the base back on and you will never have dangling, tangled threads with which to wrestle! Isn’t that the coolest???

For easy identification purposes, each thread weight has its own spool color. 50-weight threads are orange, 40-weight threads are green, 28-weight threads are grey, and 12-weight threads are red. The colors are consistent whether a small spool, large spool or cone.

Lastly – the best value of all! Aurifil frequently asks prestigious quilt designers and fabric designers to select their own ‘collections’. The collection for the large spools include 12 different colors and are packaged in a very handy stackable, plastic thread organizer. This organizer is great for taking threads along with you on the go or for organizing your threads by color.

I could go on and on about why I love Aurifil threads – but I will stop here and if you haven’t sewn with Aurifil yet, I encourage you to give it a whirl! I promise, you will be hooked!

I have Aurifil thread color charts are available for sale because viewing colors on computer monitors is not a reliable color interpretation and may vary from monitor to monitor. I have them available at a discounted price, because I know how important this is in determining the exact color that you need for a project. The regular retail price for this color chart is $46.00, but I offer them for $36.00. I am truly understating it to say the chart is simply beautiful! It has real threads for each color as well as a lot of other important Aurifil reference information.

Aurifil Thread Chart
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