Amy Butler FOREST DEW (Plum)

Amy Butler FOREST DEW (Plum)
Item# amy-butler-forest-dew-plum

About This Item:

This is Rowan Westminster Fabrics and designer Amy Butler. FOREST DEW, in the Plum color option, has carefully placed ovals in two sizes, resulting in an engaging design. The larger ovals are in tan brown, pink and light peach. The smaller ovals are white and all are set against a dark brown background. Rowan Westminster Fabrics is a premium manufacturer, so you can buy with confidence.

It is top quality fabric. It is 100% cotton and has a wonderful hand (feel to the touch). It is 45" wide and sold in half yards so I can give you the maximum flexibility in determining the quantity you would like to purchase. It is new, on the bolt, and will only be cut in one piece from the bolt to fill your purchase.

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