Bernartex - Fabrique-istan

Bernartex - Fabrique-istan
Item# bernartex--fabriqueistan

About This Item:

FABRIQUE-ISTAN, by Bernartex, is an intricate print against a solid black background. This print is a wonderfully textured print of swirls entirely made of dots. The dots are multicolored in white, dark red, gold, periwinkle and a hint of dark orange and olive green. The arrangement of these colored dots create the swirly effects. The closer and more you look, the more interesting this fabric becomes.

Bernartex produces top quality fabrics. It is 100% cotton and has a wonderful hand (feel to the touch). It is 45" wide and sold in half yard cuts so I can give you the maximum flexibility in determining the quantity you would like to purchase. It is new, on the bolt, and will only be cut from the bolt to fill your purchase.

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