Bernartex - METALLIC LACE (Black/Gold)

Bernartex - METALLIC LACE (Black/Gold)
Item# bernartex--metallic-lace-blackgold

About This Item:

This listing is METALLIC LACE in the Black & Gold color option by Bernartex. In this neutral and metallic print, metallic stems are fashioned in a scroll-like manner. Leaves grow up and down the stems. They are 'decorated' with thin black stripes and outlined in metallic gold. The design is set on a light ivory background with the sightest hint of yellow hue. This is a great neutral and metallic print. There is another print, NUTMEG color, with browns and a slightly more yellow and darker background (also listed).

It is top quality fabric. It is 100% cotton and has a wonderful hand (feel to the touch). It is 45" wide and sold in half yard lengths so I can give you the maximum flexibility in determining the quantity you would like to purchase. It is new, on the bolt, and will be cut from the bolt in one length to fill your purchase request.

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