Bohin 0.9mm Mechanical Pencil

Bohin  0.9mm Mechanical Pencil
Item# bohin-mechanical-pencil

About This Item:

The Bohin chalk mechanical pencil is the best on the market, in my opinion. This pencil is refillable and has many different chalk colors available. This is good for whatever you are working on, because you need a dark chalk for light colored fabric, and vice versa. The chalk is always sharp - no need to sharpen and this thin chalk never dulls. The chalk is 0.9mm thick which produces a sharp crisp mark for sewing.

This pencil comes with a package of 6 light greyish white chalks. The refills are 25mm in length. I have refills in other colors listed, as well as the Bohin fabric eraser for erasing the chalk marks from your fabric.

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