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About This Item:

36.5" h by 28.75" w

My great - great - great - great - great - great uncle was Charles Thomson. He was Secretary of the Continental Congress for it's entire duration. As the MD/DC SAQA (Studio Art Quilts Associates) planning their show to coincide with the SAQA National Convention to be held in DC, they selected Tarnish as their show theme. Silver was the National SAQA theme.

I contemplated the design and developed this quilt, honoring Charles Thomson and his design of our Great Seal.

In the artist's statement, I wrote:

"Charles Thomson was my great (times 6) uncle. He was Secretary of the Continental Congress for its entire duration. While Secretary, he designed our Great Seal and this quilt features a replication of his original design. As I contemplated his design for this quilt, the news was filled with typical daily reports. Today's events included potentially criminal traffic delays, twerking, young stars totally out of control, and a murder trial because a young man's music was playing too loudly.

Are we striving to fulfill the vision of our forefathers? Would we earn their respect? Or are we only a tarnished reflection of their dream."

This piece is thread-painted, meaning all of the color and design detail is ONLY comprised of many, many yards of thread. Distortion is a huge ordeal when working with thread-painting. At one point, the center was so distorted, and bowl-shaped, it looked as if it were approximately 5 months pregnant. Through repeated stretching, blocking, wetting and blowing drying with my hair dryer, it is flat, but not completely un-wrinkled.

Materials and techniques: Thread painting, free-motion quilting, piecing. 100% cotton fabric, Aurifil thread (50 and 28 wt), Quilter's Dream 100% cotton batting (Select).

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