Dynamic Quilt Design - Paint Meets Stitch DVD

Dynamic Quilt Design - Paint Meets Stitch DVD

About This Item:

Dynamic Quilt Design - Paint Meets Stitch is an instructional DVD by Susan Brubaker Knapp, from Mooresville, NC.

This DVD was filmed on the set of Quilting Arts TV. This instructional piece teaches you how to turn your photos into realistic wholecloth painted quilts. After an overview of the supplies and tools you will need, quilt artist Susan Brubaker Knapp walks you through every step of the process. Learn how to choose the right photo, trace the design elements, enlarge your drawing, and print it out.

Next, Susan covers basic color theory and provides instruction on mixing paint colors, shades and tints. She discusses how to approach painting your piece and how to add shadows and highlights for greater realism.

Finally, Susan demonstrates how to use stitch to bring your painted piece to life with thread sketching and quilting.

She also shares numerous pieces of her own work as examples of the details and texture that can be added through thread sketching and quilting.

The run time on this DVD is 69 minutes.

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