Fabulous Fabric Glide

Fabulous Fabric Glide
Item# fabulous-fabric-glide

About This Item:

This listing is for a new, in box, FABULOUS FABRIC GLIDE, by The Gypsy Quilter.

The Gypsy Quilter designs all types of products to make our lives, as quilters, easier! This one is a tried and true product that helps with free motion quilting.

This includes a set of two quilt halos, in two different sizes, for free motion quilting. It helps keep the fabric surface smooth and flat, resists pull from the machine surface and makes movement in any direction easy and effortless. The halos each have grab handles on each side. The opening in the back allows for ease of use and no need to have to slip under the presser foot. Easily raise and reposition the halos to a new area of the fabric and continue on quilting!

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