FLOWER Collection - Aurifil

FLOWER Collection - Aurifil
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About This Item:

This collection, by Aurifil, is THE FLOWER COLLECTION. This collection is the essence of the delicacy of spring's first flowers. Pastel tints in teal, violets, greens and blues migrate to darker colors. It is fresh and beautiful! This collection contains 12 large spools of 50 weight thread, each of which is 1422 yards in length (that is a LOT of thread!). Aurifil collections are a great way to either start or add to your existing Aurifil thread selection.

The colors included in this Collection are 2310 - Light Beige, 2830 - Mint, 2410 - Pale Pink, 2110 - Light Lemon, 5006 - Light Turquoise, 2524 - Gray Violet, 1231 - Spring Green, 2725 - Light Wedgwood, 2562 - Lilac, 5018 - Grass Green, 2606 - Mist, and 2588 - Light Magenta.

Aurifil threads are made from the very highest quality cotton available. It is 100% Egyptian Mako long staple cotton thread. Mercerized, this thread has a beautiful sheen and is virtually lintless. The large size spools are 50-weight/2-ply. When compared to the per yard cost of lower quality and less expensive 300 yard spools, ends up being less expensive yard for yard. MADE IN ITALY.

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