FreeSpirit - Carribean

FreeSpirit  - Carribean
Item# FS-Caribbean

About This Item:

FreeSpirit Essential Solids are a beautiful collection of solid fabrics. In my opinion, the hand of FreeSpirit is favorable to Moda and Kona solids. It is soft and has a sublte sheen. These fabrics are a perfect accent for your print or batik fabrics, either as a contrasting or complimenting color.

Each fabric is 44-45" wide and manufactured from 100% premium cotton. Fabrics are sold by the half yard, to give you more flexibility in ordering the exact quantity needed.

All fabric is new, and only cut from the bolt in one continuous cut, when you place your order. If you order multiple units, it will be cut as one piece. For instance, an order for 4 half-yards is cut and shipped as one 2 yard piece of fabric.

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