Gingher Applique Scissors

Gingher Applique Scissors
Item# gingher--applique-scissors

About This Item:

This listing is for a pair of Gingher 6" Applique Scissors. These are another true staple in my sewing studio. I am an art quilter so spend hours cutting tiny intricate shapes. These scissors are the only ones I pick up for cutting my applique. In fact, I have 2 pair in my studio (for when I can't find the pair I was just using!!!) The flange edge is one of the features that makes these scissors wonderful! You are able to curve around, turn corners, twist and turn and the flange edge stays below the surface and keeps everything just where you need it! I couldn't live without this pair! If you are not aware, nothing is better than Gingher - they are truly the Cadillac of scissors. The razor sharp edge is just that - they will easily cut as if cutting through butter. They offer a smooth cut from the beginning of the blade to the very tip. These scissors have a lifetime warranty. MADE IN ITALY.

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