Gingher Gold-Handled 8" Dressmaker's Shears

Gingher Gold-Handled 8" Dressmaker's Shears
Item# gingher--gold-handled-8in-dressmakers-shears

About This Item:

This listing is for a pair of Gingher Gold-Handled Knife-Edge Dressmaker 8" Shears. These are a true staple of every sewing room! My mother bought me a pair as a gift over 40 years ago and I still use them almost every day! Nothing is better than Gingher (they are the Cadillac of scissors) and this is the best standard all round shear. These are gold handled :-) and are right-handed. Their razor sharp edge is just that. they will easily cut through any fabric as if it were butter. They offer a smooth cut from the beginning of the blade to the very tip. These scissors have a lifetime warranty.

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