Sip & Snip

Sip & Snip
Item# sip-snip

About This Item:

This listing is for a new, in box, Sip & Snip holder, by The Gypsy Quilter.

The Gypsy Quilter designs all types of products to make our lives, as quilters, easier! This latest one is my absolute favorite - and is my new 'best buddy' in my studio.

Simply twist-tighten the attachment to have your cup holder and thread, scrap and candy wrapper :-) container for all your tiny scraps at your machine-side! No longer worry about spilled drinks near your prized expensive machine! Not only is your drink off of the table surface now, but it is 'caged' into the basket - so it can't be accidentally knocked over. There is a slit opening for handled drinks - and it's oversized so large sized containers fit too! Then, slip all the thread ends, or your tiny trimmings and discard in a basket that is in just the right place! This is just tooooo handy!

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