Henry Glass - REST YOUR HEAD (Salmon)

Henry Glass - REST YOUR HEAD (Salmon)
Item# henry-glass--rest-your-head-salmon

About This Item:

This fabric is REST YOUR HEAD from Henry Glass & Co Fabrics. This print has circle in reds, browns and greens, set against a white background. The circles are in varying sizes and each has a series of inner circles inside an outer ring. Contrasting lighter and darker shades of red, brown and green set each circle off, creating a nice, almost neutral, fabric.

This is top quality fabric. It is 100% cotton and has a wonderful hand (feel to the touch). It is 45" wide and sold in half yard lengths so I can give you the maximum flexibility in determining the quantity you would like to purchase. It is new, on the bolt, and will only be cut from the bolt to fill your purchase. If purchasing more than one unit, your order will be cut and shipped in one piece, according to the the length you have purchased.

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