Kanvas - CRAWLY CRITTERS (Ants - Grey)

Kanvas - CRAWLY CRITTERS (Ants - Grey)
Item# kanvas--crawly-critters-ants--grey

About This Item:

This fabric is ANTS in the GREY Color Option by Kanvas Fabrics. It is from the CRAWLY CRITTERS collection and is a fun little print packed full of picnic humor. In this design, you get a glimpse of an ant's world and all their tunnels carved beneath the earth's surface. This is a great fabric to add some humor to another theme, or for young children in a "discover the world" project!

This is new, top-quality quilt shop fabric and is only cut from the bolt to your order specifications. It is sold by the half yard to give you maximum flexibility. This fabric is 42 - 44" wide and has a terrific hand (feel to the touch).

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