Amber Waves of Grain

 Amber Waves of Grain
Item# amber-waves-of-grain

About This Item:

This AMBER WAVES OF GRAIN pattern is from Kaye England's Signature Scraps series. This series allows you to use your scraps in beautiful, interesting and traditional patterns.

Kaye writes:

"In the late Ď90ís while perusing one of my many quilt books, I spotted this incredible 19th century quilt. After studying it for a bit, I realized that the original quilt had 50 autograph blocks and 49 stars. Ah, a perfect spot to make a quilt to celebrate the "Statehood" of our 50 great States. I began this quilt on January 1, 2000 and finished it in January 2008 Ė so letís not quibble about how long it takes to make a quilt!!"

Finished, this quilt measures 59 3/4" x 71 3/4"

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