Kwik Klip Pin Fastener

Kwik Klip Pin Fastener
Item# kwik-klip-pin-fastener

About This Item:

The Kwik Klip, by Paula Jean Creations, is another of those items that was an immediate HIT and best friend for me as a quilter. I can't live without this handy little tool for pin basting quilt layers. When pin basting, and your pins are all in, no need to press painful indentions into the tips of your fingers! Simply grab the Kwik Klip, and slip it under the prong on the pin. Pull it toward the clip, and VOILA! It's in, no pain, quick and easy!

The brass tip is textured, grabs and secures the prong of the pin and makes this job effortless to complete quickly and painlessly. It even makes easy work of closing tight pins, since you have the entire Kwik Klip working to help close the pin, instead of just your tender fingertip.

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