Lickity Grip

Lickity Grip
Item# Lickity-Grip

About This Item:

Lickity Grip

Lickity Grip licks your fingers so you don't have to!

Lickity Grip is the wonderful alternative to gain maximum grip control when you don't want to use quilting gloves! Simply place Lickity Grip on top of your machine, give it a swat with your fingertips and instantly you have grip, better control, added safety and reduced hand fatigue!

Lickity Grip is great for sewing, machine or hand piecing, rotary cutting...whatever you are doing that requires perfect grip with no slip!

Lickity Grip is acid-free, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, stainless and greaseless. It contains no lanolin, salicylates, silicate, rubber, wax, perfumes or dyes. All ingredients are food grade and safe for human consumption.

Lickity Grip tends to attract moisture. Dew drops on the surface do not diminish the performance of this product or harm it in any way. Blot any dew with a paper towel and proceed to use as normal. Close the lid when it is not in use.

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