Loralie Designs - ISLAND TOSS (PINK)

Loralie Designs - ISLAND TOSS (PINK)
Item# loralie-designs--island-toss-pink

About This Item:

This is ISLAND TOSS by LORALIE DESIGNS. This print is in the PINK color option. I have just picked this fabric line up and it is so crazy cool!!! I love it!!! This print has super swanky cool women enjoying the tropical island life! They have fabulous figures, great hair and make up, and are setting their world's on fire! They rest on a mottled bright pink background. This entire fabric line (I have other fabrics listed) is bright, fun and engaging!

This is top quality fabric. It is 100% cotton and has a wonderful hand (feel to the touch). It is 45" wide and sold in half yard lengths so I can give you the maximum flexibility in determining the quantity you would like to purchase. I cut your order in one piece, to your desired length. It is new, on the bolt, and will only be cut from the bolt to fill your purchase.

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