Quilter's Academy Vol 1 - Freshman Year

Quilter's Academy Vol 1 - Freshman Year

About This Item:

Quilter's Academy Volume 1 - Freshmen Year is a skill-building course in quiltmaking.

This technical volume, by Harriett and Carrie Hargrave, includes 11 projects to be worked while moving through the developmental content in this book.

This series of 6 books is a skill building course, each level focused on the next level of skills needed to ultimately master all aspects of quality quilt making.

Currently, volumes Freshman through Senior year are published and Masters is being written.

The Freshman volume (this one) focuses on:

- Everything you need to get started making beautiful quilts

- Includes 9 skill-building classes

- Complete instructions for making 11 classic quilts

- Learn how to design your own quilts

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