Autumn Lullaby

Autumn Lullaby

About This Item:

Autumn Lullaby

"Autumn Lullaby" designed by Ty Livingston is the first in a series of three baby quilts. They may be made individually, as 3 separate wall hangings or pieced together for a crib or baby quilt.

In this quilt, a bear relaxes beneath a shade tree in the full color of autumn, while leaves dance about him.

Ty Livingston has lived in Montana most of his life; he currently lives in Miles City, MT with his wife and two daughters. He is a self taught artist receiving most of his training from books and trial and error.

Ty has tried a variety of media and styles and has developed a style he calls a Whimsical Folk Expressionism. He has been developing this style for years, utilizing a colorful variety of People, Animals and Landscapes to convey the mood and idea he is trying to express.

The finished dimensions of Autumn Lullaby measure 22.75" x 17.25".

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