About This Item:


"Mistral" is a beautiful applique art quilt pattern of the most handsome horse "just down the road" from Montana artist, Toni Whitney, of Toni Whitney Design.

Toni shares that as she saw a huge approaching storm, she grabbed her camera and ran to the nearby property to photograph a pair of beautiful Haflinger horses. She captured shot after shot of their blonde manes flying in the wind, flaring nostrils and as lightening approached closer and closer, got back in her truck completely drenched. As she eagerly looked in her camera to see her prized shots, she discovered there was no image card in the camera! So, the next day, she tried again, this time without the storm!

Mistral was first painted in a fine art painting. Then, he was translated into this incredible quilt. Lucky for us - as a quilt, each of us can invite Mistral into our own homes!

Toni provides detailed, easy to follow instructions to walk you through the entire process of completing raw-edge applique quilts. You will easily be able to replicate you own version of Mistral.

The finished dimensions of this quilt are 25 1/2" x 30 1/2".

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