SECRET GARDEN Coloring Book - Johanna Basford

SECRET GARDEN Coloring Book - Johanna Basford
Item# secret-garden-coloring-book--johanna-basford

About This Item:

Johanna Basford is often credited for giving birth to the adult coloring book. SECRET GARDEN is a wonderful "inky treasure hunt and coloring book." Her series of coloring books are the creme de la creme of coloring books. Printed on high quality paper, these bound books are an artist's paradise. Her exquisitely detailed drawings draw you into a creative area that is unprecedented. You don't need to have a creative talent to be able to make these beautiful drawings come to life. Johanna lives in Scotland and draws inspiration for her drawings from the flora and landscape around her.

Use pencil, marker or gel to experiment with different color combinations for the block prints. Then, translate your preferred designs into the tessellated designs on the opposite page, to see your design come to life with color!

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