Supreme Slider - Regular Size

Supreme Slider - Regular Size

About This Item:

Supreme Slider - Regular Size

The Supreme Slider absolutely transforms quilting, and particularly, free motion quilting!

The Supreme Slider is available in two sizes: - Regular: 8" x 11.5" - Queen: 11.5" x 17"

The Queen Size is the ideal size to use with set-in tables or acrylic table extensions.

Quilting, thread painting or sketching, free-motion calligraphy, embroidery and monograms easily skate over the surface of the Supreme Slider. Drag over the surface is eliminated as well as fatigue and stiff or sore muscles from working to control your quilting surface.

Simply lay the Supreme Slider on your machine bed, aligning your machine needle with the opening in the Slider. Its patented surface allows your fabric to slide easily in any direction! The new tacky pink-colored back side is completely slip-free and no taping is required. Add or remove your Supreme Slider in only a few seconds!

The Supreme Slider was developed by national award-winning quilter Pat LaPierre in effort to improve the ability to enjoy sewing intricately marked or free-form designs. Quilting has never been easier!

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